Thursday, June 12, 2014


The days have been flying! I can't believe it's already the 12th! We've been spending our days swimming, cooking/baking, taking walks before it gets to hot, Father's Day shopping and playing! We had a sweet little guest (my friends 4yr old) for a few days while his mama was in the hospital. I'm looking forward to next week because Riley is home for vacation!! We have lunch scheduled at Texas de Brazil to celebrate his birthday!! 

Today was craft day for Father's Day! Walgreens had white 100% cotton tshirts at Walgreens 4 for $10. I thought he could use them for around the house lounge/pajama shirts. I used picmonkey to design some transfers (if you try this don't forget to reverse them for printing). I printed them on freezer paper, ironed the freezer paper to the shirts, darkened the lines with a sharpie and then let the kids color them with fabric markers. They turned out so good!! I messed up on one shirt. I wasn't paying attention and ironed it upside down. Lol. Oh wow, Riley will think it's funny. The kids LOVED working on these! I had to make them promise not to spill the beans before Sunday!! This year Riley's dad is out of town so it will just be us. The kids are going to help me make Riley homemade banana pudding! 
If the weather is nice we plan to swim and grill bacon blue cheese burgers! Yum! 

Here are the shirts after ironing the design on and darkening it with sharpie. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Shaklee June Special

Stress Relief Complex is a wonderful product!!!

This last month was super exciting! I gained a new partner and she is already rocking it!! Start your Shaklee business today with Project Dream, one of the fastest growing teams!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Nautical First Birthday

Boys with D

C & D modeling birthday hats

In Lieu of gifts we asked our friends and family to donate to Ronald McDonald House! This was the truck full of items we were able to bless them with after the party!! Yay!!

Third Grade Graduation

Down two ceremonies and one to go! Today's was Brady's! I can't say enough how proud I am of our sweet boy! Last year he had a really tough year and hated reading.  We also discovered he had a speech problem resurface which was effecting his ability to read/sound out letters. So we immediately put him in speech therapy and what a difference it made. The school even had a meeting to see if we should consider holding him back to help his reading. It was decided we would work really hard over the summer and he would continue on to the next grade because of how his birthday falls. I am so glad we decided to push forward. This year was so different! His teacher was amazing and he had a complete change of heart on reading once he could produce the sounds.  He would come home every day and get right to work on his homework, which was a huge improvement from the year before. He fell in love with The Magic Treehouse books and I kept him well stocked in chapter books. He made A/B honor roll all but once this year. He also passed both the Math and Reading STAAR tests!! Whooohooo!!! At the awards ceremony today he got the Most Improved award and it was well deserved!! His daddy had made him a deal if he did awesome during the year and tried his hardest he would order him a HUGE lego set he wanted. So it looks like he earned that lego set!!! Way to go Brady!!

(I blurred or blocked out other children's faces. I'm uncomfortable putting other kids on my blog without their parents permission.)

Brady and his teacher

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fifth Grade Graduation

can't believe how much my daughter has grown! Yesterday she had her 5th grade graduation. It seems like yesterday she was starting kindergarten. We are so proud of her and her accomplishments this year!! 

She PASSED every portion of the dreaded STAAR test!! Whooohooo!!!!
She made good grades and all her teachers tell us she is the hardest worker!
She made exemplary attendance! 
She ran in Mighty Milers every morning before school. I can't remember her miliage though. 

Here's a look back:

Three years old

First grade awards

Always a princess

2nd grade

Third Grade

Fifth Grade Graduation!

Brit with her best friend (blocked out her face because she isn't my child). 

We are so proud of you sweet girl! 
-Mommy :)

Friday, May 30, 2014

Bubble Gum Necklaces

Brit and I did a fun project together for the party. She wanted a new necklace to wear with her nautical shirt and white shorts for the party. We decided we would try our hand at making some. I found a cute shop online at They sell all the 20mm bubble gum beads. Originally I was just going to buy enough to make her ONE necklace but I had a hard time picking just one or two beads and I wanted one too!!  So I ended up ordering over 300 beads, spacers and crimp beads (I bought my wire and clasps at Hobby Lobby/Michaels). I could have bought more but figured I had already exceeded the budget, lol. I thought we would have fun making some different styles as a summer craft project... NO boys allowed, lol! Etsy has some cute sites that sell the striped anchor charm as well as other characters like My Little Pony and other fun characters. 

I'm loving how they turned out and she was so happy!! 


We had so much fun I want to try my hand at buying other beads. I always see beads I love at the stores but never have tried making necklaces. Shhhhh, don't tell my husband I've started another Hobby. Lol. I need a house just for all my hobbys. :) -Kriss 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Aquarium Favors

One day while washing dishes I had an "aha moment"! I love it when that happens! I make my own veggie/meat babyfoods for the twins but I buy their fruit. I love to repurpose containers and thought Gerber plastic fruit containers would make perfect aquarium favors! It doesn't take long to save containers with twins, lol! I knew I would prob use Goldfish crackers inside them.  Upon scouring Central Markets candy bins I discovered chocolate "rocks" and colorful candy fish. How fun!!! 

Gerber Babyfood Plastic Containers
Candy (chocolate rocks or nerds)
Goldfish crackers
Washi Tape 
Fun Sticker

I'm loving how they turned out! I perfect little edible trinket for our friends! 

*I would suggest waiting until a day or two before the party so the crackers stay fresh! The tape helps seal the lid tight! :)